Snail gel or slime, known commonly as snail mucin is one of the advertised best ingredients among skin care products. Although sounding a bit moldy, once processed it has a nice texture. Now on a worldwide scale, it has been proposed as the best anti-aging product on the market, granting the skin and younger and smoother look as well as removing acne spots. Snail gel moisturizer or snail slimed was used way back from Ancient Greece time to help with indigestion and cough. It was also used for skin inflammation since the slime is cool and has the added benefit of protecting against UV lights.

What the Snail Gel Moisturiser actually does?

Now the slime or gel depending on how to prefer to call it is mucus. Snails use them to cover their bodies in order to prevent themselves from drying up. The mucus is sticky as you may have guessed, it lubricates them and protects them against bacteria, cuts, and infections as they move across different environments. Technically speaking, snails have two types of mucus. One that they use to move upon all types of surface for protection. The other one is one which the snail produces when it is under stress. It is the latter that is used in cosmetic products. As you may have figured out by now, the snails have to be put under stress to recover the fluid. So these benefits such as lubrication, skin protection are added to the user of the gel.


Benefits of using the cosmetic products such as the Snail Gel Moisturiser

The apparent benefits of using cosmetic products that derive from snail slime are that it fixes sunburns, halts wrinkles due to the production of elastin in the user’s skin. The benefit for skin health are the ingredients it contains, which are proteins, elastic, anti-microbial, peptides, glycol acid and anti-oxidants among others.

How to get the snail cosmetic products along with the snail gel moisturizer?

Snail slime is normally obtained from common snail species that you may find in your garden. However, the one used to make the products are farmed (thus snail farmers). Most of the snail slime comes from Italy where there are over 4000 produces and rising. During Ancient times, salt or vinegar were poured over the snails to get the excretion but nowadays more human methods are used where the snail get a bath, where they are put in a steam bath to kill bacteria and get the valuable liquid. In the cosmetic world, there are no research done to prove the benefits, only studies. Even so, snail mucus is largely popular and we can check if it works on the people that uses it with an open mind to see the difference.

How to make the maximum use of your snail gel moisturiser?

First of all you should clean your face with either soap or any product adapted with your skin type. Next you have to dry your face with a towel gently so as to avoid damaging your facial tonic. That way you will get unclog any pore that may have some dirt or make up in them.

Once you have done that, you can start applying the snail gel moisturiser by gently massaging the face with it, from the forehead to the chin. Do not forget to keep massaging your face for a few minutes after having applied the snail gel moisturiser so that i has time to absorb all of it and reap the benefits.


People need to be cautious about the use of snail mucus or even spending thousands of dollars just to get a small tube or container of it. As it turns now, other ingredients for skin and beauty care have the same effects as the slime mucus. Although the snail mucus or gel contains the nutrients, it doesn’t guarantee its effectiveness for human skin. After all, it is made by the snail for its body type, not human. Most of the nutrients can be found in many cosmetic products, too many to list. As a whole, the snail slime or mucus has some benefits according to some dermatologist but it does not compared to the more expensive and proved to be working alternatives.

In addition to that, the evidence for snail slime being effective is not so compelling once you have done the research. While it could treat burns and reduce burns to some extent, these studies were all made on a small scale. As advertised as having anti-ageing ingredient, since the skin is an excellent barrier in itself, most of the time it cannot. Ageing has been proved to slow down only doing certain things like sports and good eating habits. The last issues is that the potency of the excrement cannot be controlled since snails organisms vary. As the keywords of snail creams are the ingredients listed, such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, it is rich in water soluble biopolymers and proteins. Most polymers will shrink on drying and doing so they tighten skin giving an impression that wrinkles as disappeared but that is only temporary since you can get the same results with egg whites. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book.


Snail gel moisturisers or snail slime creams depending on where you buy your product has been advertised as the holy grain of anti-ageing since it apparently makes wrinkles disappear and helps in making burn marks along with other types of marks reduce. In some instances, even advertised as helping injuries heal faster while others use it mainly for skin texture. Some studies have found that although it advertises all these benefits, most of them have better alternatives and some of the snail benefits are totally fake. So taking all the pros and cons into account, I suggest you analyze it and come to a conclusion yourself and then decide if you want to shell out some money for it.